40th week in Azov Sea Region has shown the improvement in market situation and rise of freight rates for main directions of this region

Steady growth in freight rate levels during last few weeks is keeping due to lack of spot tonnage, what leads owners to ask higher price for their shipping service.

Besides, there is an increase in the amount of grain cargoes from Azov sea region. So, the freight rate for 3000 mts of wheat from Azov to Marmara see has become USD 21 PMT. It is still far from the last year rates, however the market situation is starting to improve, which leaves hope for a positive trend in freight rates.

Regarding Caspian region, the 40th week was with the same level of rates as the last week at USD 27 PMT for corn cargo on the main direction of that region, Astrakhan - Northern ports of Iran.

Nearing completion harvest of grain in Kazakhstan lead to better situation in Caspian region and attract significant part of shipowners to the direction of Aktau-Northern ports of Iran, thus the problems of searching of spot tonnage from port of Astrakhan are arising, that places significant role of freight rates increasing.

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